A podcast about academic sociology for academic sociologists
A podcast about academic sociology for academic sociologists

Proposal: Annex on YouTube Live

This post provides information about the AnnexContexts Lunchtime Seminar Series on YouTube Live, scheduled for Fall 2022. For more information, please contact Joseph Cohen at joseph.cohen@qc.cuny.edu.

Project Description and Goals

We will hold a series of YouTube Live video streams featuring a new sociology book and its associated subfield. These panels will feature a host, an author of a new sociology book, and a colleague who is in the same subfield or ASA section as the author. We will hold a 60-minute live streaming session in which the panel discusses the book, its associated subfield, and the book and subfield’s real-world relevance.

Each session will yield: (1) one live stream session, (2) a video archive of that panel, which is suitable for use in book promo, section promo, participants’ work portfolio, or asynchronous learning resources, and (3) its audio will be repurposed and redistributed as an episode of The Annex Sociology Podcast. Sessions will be promoted through the Annex and Context communications properties, as well the communications properties of participating members, publishers, and sections.

We hope to offer authors and publishers one social media campaign to promote the book and section to academic sociology enthusiasts. By the standards of our discipline, it should be a very good platform for your book.

For ASA Sections, we hope to offer an opportunity to platform your Section and offer sharable multimedia that you can use on your social media and websites. If there is something that you would like to promote on behalf of your section, we would be happy to integrate that into your corresponding week’s programming.

What Do Participants Have To Do?

Preliminary Scheduling. We will begin by reaching out to authors and ASA Section committees to find volunteers and to consult on scheduling, panel invitations, questions/topics, and other logistical matters. Publishers should provide panelists and the host with a review copy of the book.

One Week in Advance of Your Session. The host or producer will contact you to review the discussion format and questions, and to go over technical matters. Discuss any questions with the host or producer.

Recording Day. Find a quiet room and an Internet-connected computer with a webcam, headphones, and a microphone. You will connect with us via Zoom, which will be relayed to YouTube. The Zoom session will last 30- to 90-minutes, and will usually cover five to ten predetermined discussion topics.



  1. Tell the host or producer which topics are within your wheelhouse or evoke enthusiasm from you. We want to give you the opportunity to show your “A” game.
  2. Tell the host or producer if you would like to meet via Zoom in advance to discuss the panel or practice the technology. You will perform at your best if you feel relaxed and comfortable, and we want to help.
  3. Think about discrete information or opinion items that you want to convey within 30- to 60-second increments, and look for ways to insert them within the natural flow of conversation.
  4. Think about information, concepts, theories, or messages that you would like to promote among or convey to your colleagues and the public.

Content Licensing

All content will be distributed publicly on a Creative Commons license.

Interested in Participating?

If you are interested in promoting your book or section as part of this series, please send your proposal to Joseph Cohen at joseph.cohen@qc.cuny.edu.

Early career colleagues should know that senior people routinely approach outlets to promote their work and professional identities, and so they should not be discouraged from self-nominating. You have to promote yourself in this business.

Reposted from Joseph Nathan Cohen at https://jncohen.commons.gc.cuny.edu/information-on-the-annex-contexts-seminar-series/

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